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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a hugely popular multiplayer game. Joining the game, you are required to enter knockout challenges to find the winner. You will compete head-to-head with many other players, overcome obstacles and chaos. Every player is allowed to fight in his own way and control the character so that he survives until he reaches the finish line or completes the mission. 

The characters as well as the obstacles in Stumble Guys have diverse colors and fun shapes to bring players excitement. This is a game to get rid of stress and boredom after your hours of work or study. Save our page to play Stumble Guys online for free. 

How to Play Stumble Guys?

The requirements and steps to play Stumble Guys are as follows:

1: Click PLAY to start the game. The first round will turn up with the target shown in the upper left corner.

2: You will be automatically taken to the next round as soon as you pass one. Your competitors are then the winners of the previous round. You have to race against them to get the ticket to the next round.

3. The number of characters winning will be shown in the upper right corner.

4: The difficulty of the obstacles tends to decrease by rounds. You may have to overcome all the challenges to win or you may have to be the last survivor to win. 

Here are the control guides:

- Use the up/down/left/right arrow to make the character move forward/backward/to left/to right)

- Press simultaneously the up arrow and the left arrow / the down arrow and the right arrow to control the character to move in straight line (forward/backward).

- Press SPACE to jump.

Playing it over and over will help you know how to get through a particular round in the easiest way with your own tips.

Tips to Play Stumble Guys

To have an advantage over other players, you can learn in advance how to play as well as the notes of each level. Read on the shares below to learn the experience of overcoming obstacles and winning more easily. 

- Players often tend to use the up arrow button to control the character to move forward. However, in Stumble Guy, to control the character to move forward in a straight line you need to simultaneously press the up arrow and the left arrow or the down arrow and the right arrow to go in the opposite direction.  

- Don't give up if you lose many times, because in addition to controlling the character skillfully, Stumble Guys also has a few levels that require you to think and remember. Therefore, through each loss, you can draw experience for yourself to win the next time. Accumulating experience through battles has never been superfluous. 

Stumble Guys online is an addictive action game. It gives you hours of fun and exciting experiences with friends. With high entertainment, Stumble Guys is the choice of many people for recess. Join us to discover interesting things in Stumble Guys.


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